Obviously, a region-wide event would require a lot of work! (planning ahead to assure effectiveness) MCG wishes to create an event that foreshadows community wellness! Thats rights, Community wellness! a marathon designed to bring all local organizations and businesses together in revival and canvassing EX. medical centers, athletic associations, unions, veterans affairs committee, members of school board.

A. Each organization would be able to register a team to represent them in the marathon

(registration Deadline June 10, 2014)

Register here>>>>>>

B. First one to the finish line, well you know…. medals, trophies the whole Sha’BANG!

C. “Run the Valley 5k” will be raising funds to cover cost for licensing operations, promotional and marketing materials, and public insurance. ALL DONATIONS WILL BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
Click here to Donate>>>>>>

Let’s whip the community in shape this August!
FEB 23, 2014

Run the Valley 5k SUMMER 2014 hosted by MCG Saginaw, MI.

We Want To Hear From You Email Us: midwestcinemagroup@gmail.com


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