Campaign Trailer

“[This film will foreshadow the importance of Education, promoting it as being the driving force to answering all problems plaguing under served communities. The individuals that will be featured in the documentary are professionals that have dedicated their lives to changing the face of a hurt society starting with our nations youth. When I first thought to produce this project I felt that addressing social responsibility and conditioning self appreciation were key elements to incorporate but over time the films focus had evolved into a much more indept case study underlining educational reform and pivotal civic action for these same communities. This is the Operation: the Resurrection should take place the min this film has ended.]
The documentary will encompass the stories of real people striving in the hardest hit of economic, environmental and social capacities. I have already established affiliations with local theaters, schools, libraries and others venues to screen this film for absolutely NO COST to the public in 2014. THE DEMOGRAPHIC AUDIENCE I AIM TO MARKET THIS FILM to is any persons between the ages of 12-25 years.
Myself and the crew I am working with are all extremely passionate about sharing conscious affective stories to an audience. We feel we can inflict progressive changes indefinitely by showcasing the right examples with the production of this film.
Once completed this documentary will encourage self worth and appreciation while promoting entrepreneurship, post secondary education and community restoration. Donations acquired while producing this film will be used most effectively in promoting awareness to the public not only in Michigan but in all places facing academic decline.”


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