“We The People” short film fan page racks up 400 + likes

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.49.21 PM (1)

“Wow! We appreciate the influx of LIKES on this page, from just this weekend alone! ‪#‎WTPshort‬ ‪#‎ATXfilm‬ ‪#‎shortfilmTexas‬” – Ngozi Kim

“I hadn’t anticipated this type of response, but it is a wonderful surprise to have this type of support and so early in production, the cast and crew are extremely humbled and thrilled about the upcoming months”- Adrian Tyus

“We the people” a short film written by conceptual artist/director Adrian Tyus combines Syfy thrills with a traditional drama setting. So far the Indie film community of Austin, TX has been raving about the production (that took just two days to shoot) Youtube personality and comedy writer Ngozi Kim says [this project] is like nothing she has ever seen and was a bit challengeing to grasps at first. Nonetheless Adrian and Ngozi have teamed up to erect a different kind of tread they hope will attract film financiers and other filmmakers. Mutually they precieve the films creation as a stepping stone for black creatives and visual artist in the central Texas region.

Click here FOR FILM PAGE

GOZITV – Ngozi Kim (Producer)

Trillion Rex – Adrian Tyus (Writer, Director)

ANgus Vision – Angus Angus (Director of photography)


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