La prensa News of Austin Teams up with MCG

“We are not giving up on our East Side”

“the neighbor of east austin starts over by wiping the defaced Lo teria mural and beginning a new one, the neighborhoods history doesn’t want to be wiped out by gentrification. East Austin is still fighting to keep the [culture] alive” – Diane Revilla | Director, Saving the Murals

“I love supporting ‪#‎COMMUNITIES‬ that have ‪#‎HEART‬, and the ones that ‪#‎NEVERGIVEUP‬ looking for it! This project will highlight the importance of  history and culture in developing areas not only in Austin Texas but in other major cities across America. #ATXFILM” – Adrian Tyus |  Executive Producer, Operation REsurrection

This is a video about the neighborhood redoing the Lotaria murals (seven total across the urban scale are intiated for restoration)


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