Judging films created by local youth in ATX

Check Out This Year’s Oscar Winners!


(L-R) Ngozi Kim, Blinn, Maria, Marco, Amerika, Karina, Adrian Tyus

“I had a great time working with the youth and judging the films (of which I saw they were all very good)… and just being a new face, a lot of the kids asked “what do you do for a living?” I found this inspiring because I was able to tell them that I am following my dreams even in this moment and that dreams most definitely come true. I believe that people esspecially young people need to be exposed to positive references this prepares a certain outlook for them to base their future?” – Adrian T.

What is the NextAct Film School Got Talent Contest? A summer camp program where middle and high school students in Dove Springs take on a film role for the week for a chance to win an “Oscar” category that includes Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editor/Special Effects, and more. Students work on re-enacting a film scene for the week. The “Oscar” winners receive an award and prize. During the camp, students have fun learning what it takes to work on a movie set in a specialized production or talent role.

The River City Youth Foundation takes an innovative approach to prevention and learning. Over 3,000 youth and families are served annually through annual community activities which promote a family-friendly neighborhood in which to raise safe, healthy, and happy children.

At its Success Center, staff members and volunteers create exciting, fun and meaningful learning experiences that attract and sustain the interests of youth so they can build the critical assets they need to thrive. Our award-winning programs are available year-round.

Youth are shown the benefits of a life apart from crime, gangs and drugs. Their propensity to learn is challenged and encouraged. Hands on sessions focus on real world applications of learned skills. Counseling is provided during the hard times. The overall goal of RCYF’s approach is strengthening youth, family and communities

More on this local organization here:  http://rivercityyouth.com/


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