This Happening is Happening! first stop Austin, TX

HeebieJeebieFinalRevised1Page2FinalRevised2Introducing “HEEBIEJEEBIES” in assoc. with The Dirty Panda International Creative Collective.

This live art performance exhibition kicks off in Austin, Texas this Friday August 14th from 12-5pm in the historic eastside neighborhood. The African American Cultural Heritage Facility (912 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702) is sponsoring the space and the performances will take place at the Dedrick Hamilton HOME

Each piece will depict social cruxes OLD and NEW…highlighting
‪#Stereotypes #Policebrutality #Gentrification‬ #Urbandecay #Racialscrutiny

Adrian Tyus, a local conceptual artist, filmmaker & the brains behind the exhibition has scheduled performances in TEXAS, ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, THE UNITED KINGDOM and THOUGHOUT PARTS OF ASIA.

I rather not promote this as a obligatory event” Tyus states. “IT’S ENTIRELY CONTORVERSIAL and could rub some folk the wrong way! Instead each piece is intended for a special audience, it will be up to them to interpret what they see. By eliminating cross communication and nixing dialogue altogether it makes everything more interesting, we’ll see how thing’s go tomorrow” He laughs. “those who attend will see us attempt to invoke a critical response, one that will hopefully lead to creating a more socially conscious future.

The Cost is free at all locations, donations appreciated* #Bythecommunityforthecommunity #DPICC

Visit The Dirty Panda Facebook Page HERE


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