Body and time..

“The strange thing is that I did not hold the hand from the beginning,” the best time to record the body, “the attitude to shoot the human body. Like doing other things, in this matter I have never been confused. Recall the initial motivation, It is only one day, suddenly aware of my body want to speak, and then has been said now. “- After the previous microblogging to see this last year to write this paragraph, with the map is the end of 2013 a back. Now is 2017 , did not think I took so many more than four years.

Compared to the so-called “human beauty”, “the best time”, I care more about is the “time” – who I spent time with my body in this world experience time, I and myself / the world The time of the dialogue … … I am easy to be some of the “metaphysical” temptation, I am obsessed with those who fleeting but it seems to be able to hold things forever.

The first three years I am in a more dramatic form of personality, appear in the image. By the fourth year, I tried to play a more simple “experiment” – from (this year 2017 in 4 Yue 17 date), I intend to take a nude every day, or the self-timer to shoot him, with all the day my status (This time, place, who shoot, what we said at that time, what I was thinking), this plan I call “body and time”, has been photographed “I Think it should end “so far.

April 17, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

I just came back from the field to shoot back two days, the coffin just to Hangzhou film, live my home.

That afternoon the sun is very good, but we are very empty, every time I come back from the field, my mind is very empty And just down from the train she was also some spiritual lax. We have not shot together for a long time, and this is probably the first time this year, more seriously took a picture.

April 18, 2017, “I shoot girl” bus, shooting: small coffin

The next day we sleep at noon, to find our friend Kang Liang play. He bought a bus for his company, the appearance of the brush into a pink, the inside is the magic of silver. The weather was hot, we finished the film, paralyzed on the sofa, drink an afternoon of ice milk tea.

April 1917, I live in the house, self-timer

This day the coffin out of the film, I still house at home. Sitting at the window and listening to Beethoven. I particularly like the afternoon, it is like a midnight, like a never ending the world. I took a picture of my own feet, watching the photo laughed, like the completion of a mischief, which is naked so, certainly someone will ask Then maybe we can all rethink what is nude.

April 20, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

Coffin in my home patting film, I simply get up, play in the living room, play with my cat

She had just turned down from the bottom of a small branch of wild flowers back, I put it in the shirt buttons, use it tease cat.

April 20, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

That day we were playing at home mahjong at midnight.

Doll called Jenny, from a very distant year, and broke once, and repaired again.

Bookshelves and chairs are when I was in a house when the home, then the master do their good, moved to my house, a door and asked me, “You live alone,” I said, “there are only cats.”

April 21, 2017, Lu Jia Tan village road side, shooting: small coffin

That night set up a hand, half-way to accompany friends to take things home. She lives in a very partial village, starts the car like a punk, and makes us all dizzy. She parked her car at the door and took her in the room. We found that the red light to look good, ah, with a cell phone took a picture.

April 22, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

Just playing the card, I am ready to sleep.

April 23, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

She lived in my house for seven days, and we played the mahjong almost every day.

And only when playing cards, my mind was a little bit to live a little bit.

I like this game too much, and I like to let my brain burn up.


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