Put it back

In March, I initiated the idea of ​​putting honey back into the hive and sending it to the tree.

Someone asked me why I had to do this.

In the past two years, I have tried to understand and accept all this, but continue to lose, do not know how to understand all the sudden changes in the people who once thought it was beautiful.

Maybe I just want to see a honeycomb in the city’s tree, and maybe I just want to be a bee.

This idea tortured me for more than a month. I have to do it.

It is divided into two parts


Time: April 13, 2017 14:20

Venue: a tree in the park

I put a honeycomb filled with honey into the tree branches. People looked at me and climbed a tree.

Time: 20:17 on April 30, 2017

Venue: a tree in the park

I found the hive in the night run is still in, but the above long insects.

Now look, it should be able to find it.

Time: April 16, 2017 18:10 to 19:03 pm.

Location: A small gallery in Jing’an District

Act: Put it back

Originally, I was going to put the honeycomb on the tree in the city, and eventually, when I saw the site, I felt very good.Honeycomb is never just on the tree.

I put the honey back to the hive, the honeycomb back to the tree or under the eaves, is a reverse process.

Put back to the place is not as simple as I imagined, with the mouth of the honey inhaled straw, and then blown into the honeycomb from the straw one hole, is a test of lung capacity thing.

When I hung the hive to the beam, the honey fell from the hive, dripping on the ground, body, hair.

Open up

“You can taste it if you want” During the show, there was an audience reaching out to the honeycomb to taste the honey.

The toilet paper on the ground is not clear to the unknown.

This is a test of lung capacity thing.

Honey dripping on me. I continued to put the other honeycomb back, I put a total of six hives.

The above pictures are photographed by photographer Koshi. grateful.

The end, it’s the last look

When an act is over, it is no longer my own. The original intention of producing this behavior is not the most important. It can lead to follow-up thinking I cherish. My or the viewer. That day on the way back, hair and clothes sticky, and I carried a pile of things out of the subway mouth, I heard a motorcycle driver in front of the loud voice singing, and instantly feel good.

Impressive is that after the end of a few days, a viewer with a micro letter sent me feelings:

Your behavior makes me realize the beauty of passing. Our time is a one-way flow, our reincarnation before you perform, I think it is also one-way. But your behavior inspired me, is there such a time and space, its time is our mirror of the world, or everything is carried out in reverse. Or reincarnation, the same can be from the beginning, or all the time, the cycle did not start, our time is a circle If the beauty of things, in turn, thinking about what will be like?

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