We are happy to announce Dr. Janice E. Hale will be featured in

“Operation: Resurrection”


Dr. Hale is an extremely acclimated figure in the education reform and achievement progress initiative for Detroit public schools as well as at Wayne State University’s College of Education. Below you can Find direct links to her Literary works and more information on her program ISAAC which stands for Institute  for the Study of the African American Child.

About “Unbank the Fire”


in Unbank the Fire, Hale asks a question: What sorts of extraordinary measures are needed to overcome these differences and let black children reach their full potential in school and beyond? Her answer: none.

“I named this book Unbank the Fire,” Hale writes, “because I do not believe that extraordinary measures are called for to assist African American children in reaching their potential. All that is necessary is for this society to remove the ashes that historically and presently stunt their development.”

“For too long parents, educators, and administrators have allowed the sparks of learning in African American children to be covered by excuses, denials, and side-steps. To reverse these patterns of academic failure among urban Black youth, Janice Hale makes it clear we must first unbank the fire.”—V. P. Franklin, Drexel University

Program site:

ISAAC Bookshelf:

Purchase one of her books here:


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