Our Team


Dirty Panda Society is an International Creative Collective made up of individuals that came together to work on a variety of projects within the design and film scope.

As a team, they’ve chosen to tackle societal and environmental issues in a creative way considering new design approaches encouraging innovation for sustainability initiatives  into a collective oriented approach.

By doing this, Dirty Panda International Creative Collective hopes to bring awareness to relevant campaigns and events that happen all around the globe.

Adrian Tyus

 With hard work and surreal dedication, Adrian has been reaching  goals through like screenwriting, producing, community activism, multi-media design, and youth mentorship. He studied Film at Columbia College in Chicago, IL. before transferring to Tongji University (Shanghai, China PRC) in 2014.

Co-producing a narrative documentary film in 2010, “Quien Soy” which featured local artist and philanthropists from the DFW area . The documentary received national recognition and screened at the Texas Black Film Festival in 2010.

Adrian is currently in post production on two feature documentary projects, a behavioral case study “Operation: Resurrection” (includes feature key community influencers, educators and artist from his hometown community of Saginaw, Michigan but also surrounding areas like Flint, Detroit as well as Chicago, Dallas, Wilmington Delaware and St. Louis Missouri)”Sunwudian” which takes place in China’s Anhui province will reveal the stories of local villages dealing with disenfranchisement and the constant gamble with conglomerated interests. Both project are set to be complete sometime summer 2018.



David The Inventor

David specializes in many mediums, and has carved a niche in the creative industry with clients such as Chinese medicine practitioners, Buddhist retreat centers, and has been through agencies working with clients doing all sorts of things. David also puts in significant studio time daily and performs live music and shows art frequently.

Raag Bhoop, some of david's visual music

Raag Bhoop, some of david’s visual music

He’s currently traveling to Kenya shooting interviews with Ripples International  and the Global Room for Women.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH an introductory video

David has an incredible drive and strong will to work with others who share a similar burning drive to do really important work.


Micah Lorraine  

Studies American sign language interpretation, and minors in theater at Columbia College Chicago.  She volunteers with an organization called the Pearl  Foundation located in Chicago, which is linked to the sorority Zeta Phi Beta Inc,Xi Mu Zeta Chapter. They specialize in helping women and children victims of domestic violence. Its serves as a  shelter during the Christmas holiday with food and clothes. The organization also raises money to send African American  girls to college , Each year she is responsible for hosting an event where teen moms are beneficiaries, giving them baby supplies,  safe sex education, and how to care for their babies before and after birth.


Celma Boa

Architecture graduate with an interested in cityscapes and urban development. Currently living in the UK whilst working with a construction company focused on regeneration projects for local communities. During her studies, she traveled to China and carried out an urban analysis to Kunming, gaining an interest in development projects and experimenting with 3D modeling software such as Sketchup and Autocad.

UCG Mellish

Abraham Mellish Jr.

They say the people who exhibit the most kindness understand the true sting of pain. Abraham Mellish has seen a lot in his 23 years, after surviving the atrocities of two civil wars in his home land of Monrovia, Liberia. He migrated from Liberia through the dense forest of Côte d’Ivoire to Ghana and on to United States of America. Music became a substitute for a new beginning. Influenced by sounds Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Lucky Dube, and Fela Kuti, Abraham developed his own sound, combining western Folk, with Funk, blues and an African pulse. His music creates an atmosphere of community telling the story of his heritage from an encouraging and inspirational perspective.

More from Abraham HERE

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