Fortune: Trump’s Admin. Threaten Programs Designed to Provide Housing Aid.

When Paul Ryan, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, talks of social mobility, about helping struggling Americans move out of impoverished areas to give them greater opportunity, Shiva Daniels is the kind of person he has in mind.

A federal housing voucher allowed Daniels to escape her crime-plagued neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, and move her four children to the suburb of Garland.

That move helped Daniels find a good job, working for a property management company. Today, she cherishes the small, two-bedroom house she rents, with a yard where her children can safely play, away from drugs and gang violence in Dallas.

But if Daniels, 31, were to lose the $1,082 monthly stipend she receives, she has no doubt what would happen. “I would have to move back,” she said. “I wouldn’t be able to afford it.”….. HERE’S WHY


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natural course of nature against the destruction caused by modern life practices, relationships, famine and the increasing dynamic alternating man’s comprehension citing “the more we discover the more we realize we haven’t discovered enough”.
Over three days sustain-ist, archivist and video artist Adrian Tyus will introduce his interpretation of the world today through a series of works that reveal constraints/concern of natural resources, consumer treads, and societal array.

My Depression Ren Hang is dead at 30

000020_157_670.jpgThe renowned photographer and poet Ren Hang produced his final act by committing suicide due to depression jump.

Ren was born in 1987 in northeast China’s Changchun City, Jilin Province, working in Beijing.

Ren Hang is a photographer and poet, the photographic style of passion, direct rough no modification, erotic surging, naked perspective of China’s underground youth culture. He regards the human body as a pure aesthetic tool, without moral or social criticism, he represents a new generation of Chinese culture awakening. His works have been exhibited at major museums around the world, such as in Russia, Italy, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Austria and other places on display.

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Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

Pendulum Project Overview

The project theme is based on the main character in this performance,” Pendulum”. It not only functions as part of the metronome, but also refers to the performer who constantly moves from one position to another. At the same time, it conveys the condition of the parallel space between the performer and audiences.

The metronome will be installed on each side of the column. The pendulum will swing back and forth mimicking the sound of the clock. It will break the boundaries between time and space and remind people to be aware of the historical space around them. While the performer is moving around the space and composing the sound pieces, audiences are expected to experience the nature of time as well as the changing pattern of life.

Besides this, the work also presents live visuals including footage of the past. With the glitch effects that demonstrates the minimalistic image of the modern time, it contrasts to highlight the collision between modern and historical period of time.

Hence, this performance is combining sound and visual that allows audience to see, hear or even touch time passing. Distinct from the five senses, people can be able to detect and notice time through perception of a new experience. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE


Media & Branding Basics

Brand Creation and Media basics

Self – branding
We know that the development of science and technology nowadays is as fast as a kind of high-speed time and space vehicle which pushes our modern people into a big bang of information era. More interestingly, the information overflowing world which we are living in is often described by a couple of Western scholars as a “liquid world”, because the technology quickens the flow of information so that what we see and heard around us just like a liquid fleeting. In this sense, just because the technology accelerates our past so that people become easier to forget every moment.

The “brand effect” – a concept that is slightly abstract for children – permeates all the big and small trademarks, brands, and commercials that can be seen everywhere in our lives. Brand creation classroom seeks from a brand’s birth process to explore how to get a brand’s brand effect, in other words, is how to make a brand in the information flow outstanding and unforgettable. Such a branding process is not simply to teach children how to do what a professional media people do, but more importantly, it seeks to nurture children a subtle “self-brand awareness”. Because each child’s personal development to a large extent is a kind of brand as well, and in this regard, each child can act as the marketing and advertising role in the process of improving their self-branding.

“my hope is that students walk away with a better understanding of the media’s role in shaping our societies, the power of the consumer and the future of branding”

Tyus states friday afternoon.

In the class of brand creation, the classroom begins with the most basic color effect and expands to each role of various roles in the process of brand creation. It guides the children to discover the brand highlights, which can help them to find their own advantages. When the target group of the brand are decided, it can facilitate children to carry forward their advantages in their social circle. In this sense, the brand concept can be rooted in children’s hearts, and then it is good for their self-improvement. That is the so-called the cultivation of “self-branding” and how to make themselves distinctive and unforgettable.

Facilitator : Adrian Tyus

Editor: Phoebe Deng

Photos: Vanness Wang

review; experimental camp at Shanghai DaJing primary school