Media & Branding Basics

Brand Creation and Media basics

Self – branding
We know that the development of science and technology nowadays is as fast as a kind of high-speed time and space vehicle which pushes our modern people into a big bang of information era. More interestingly, the information overflowing world which we are living in is often described by a couple of Western scholars as a “liquid world”, because the technology quickens the flow of information so that what we see and heard around us just like a liquid fleeting. In this sense, just because the technology accelerates our past so that people become easier to forget every moment.

The “brand effect” – a concept that is slightly abstract for children – permeates all the big and small trademarks, brands, and commercials that can be seen everywhere in our lives. Brand creation classroom seeks from a brand’s birth process to explore how to get a brand’s brand effect, in other words, is how to make a brand in the information flow outstanding and unforgettable. Such a branding process is not simply to teach children how to do what a professional media people do, but more importantly, it seeks to nurture children a subtle “self-brand awareness”. Because each child’s personal development to a large extent is a kind of brand as well, and in this regard, each child can act as the marketing and advertising role in the process of improving their self-branding.

“my hope is that students walk away with a better understanding of the media’s role in shaping our societies, the power of the consumer and the future of branding”

Tyus states friday afternoon.

In the class of brand creation, the classroom begins with the most basic color effect and expands to each role of various roles in the process of brand creation. It guides the children to discover the brand highlights, which can help them to find their own advantages. When the target group of the brand are decided, it can facilitate children to carry forward their advantages in their social circle. In this sense, the brand concept can be rooted in children’s hearts, and then it is good for their self-improvement. That is the so-called the cultivation of “self-branding” and how to make themselves distinctive and unforgettable.

Facilitator : Adrian Tyus

Editor: Phoebe Deng

Photos: Vanness Wang

review; experimental camp at Shanghai DaJing primary school

“The Sun Shines Blue” according to DANNY ROSE

Galleri Urbane is pleased to announce The Sun Shines Blue, artist Danny Rose’s first solo exhibition with

the gallery, opening Saturday, June 25 (runs through August

The series serves as reflections of both the external and internal, of places here and there. An avid traveler

and explorer of nature, Rose spent much of his time studying natural landscapes and rock formations in

order to create this series of works, which is rooted in observation, awareness of time, and appreciation of the surrounding world. Rose’s paintings not only express the diverse landscapes he has observed, they also express the various emotional landscapes of his own mind. Present in the title, and making an appearance in every painting, the color blue holds a special significance to Rose. Blue allows him to slow down, its very essence seems to be the passing of time. Rose philosophizes how “we are all so connected to this color, from the sky to the ocean.” Blue surrounds us, calms us, and induces contemplation. Indeed, one feels a sense of calm viewing Rose’s work. Viewing Rose’s paintings is a journey. Like his recent year­long stay in Indonesia, one is exposed to a range of deep emotions. With the varying shades of blue and other hues, there is both wonder and despair akin to Rose’s experience being “adrift on the open sea out on the Indian Ocean,” in the middle of a storm, followed by the relief of reaching land once again. Rose expresses purely inner reflections as well. In his own words, “…like being adrift, in your own mind…On some trips I don’t even encounter rock or mound formations. Instead, I use these experiences to pull the shapes into being. Pulling from my memories of places and all I have encountered. Almost like imagined landscapes.” The Sun Shines Blue will have a public opening reception from 6 to 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 25. The show will run through July 30th.

Artist Danny Rose is a Dallas, Texas­based artist. He received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas. Between 2014 and 2015, Rose spent a year in Indonesia, teaching art and design at the Chandra Kusuma International School. Rose has been featured the Dallas Observer, Hypoallergic, and Austere Magazine. Rose has shown previously at galleries such as Kettle Art, and previously with Galleri Urbane for the juried show Here and Now.

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