Body and time..

“The strange thing is that I did not hold the hand from the beginning,” the best time to record the body, “the attitude to shoot the human body. Like doing other things, in this matter I have never been confused. Recall the initial motivation, It is only one day, suddenly aware of my body want to speak, and then has been said now. “- After the previous microblogging to see this last year to write this paragraph, with the map is the end of 2013 a back. Now is 2017 , did not think I took so many more than four years.

Compared to the so-called “human beauty”, “the best time”, I care more about is the “time” – who I spent time with my body in this world experience time, I and myself / the world The time of the dialogue … … I am easy to be some of the “metaphysical” temptation, I am obsessed with those who fleeting but it seems to be able to hold things forever.

The first three years I am in a more dramatic form of personality, appear in the image. By the fourth year, I tried to play a more simple “experiment” – from (this year 2017 in 4 Yue 17 date), I intend to take a nude every day, or the self-timer to shoot him, with all the day my status (This time, place, who shoot, what we said at that time, what I was thinking), this plan I call “body and time”, has been photographed “I Think it should end “so far.

April 17, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

I just came back from the field to shoot back two days, the coffin just to Hangzhou film, live my home.

That afternoon the sun is very good, but we are very empty, every time I come back from the field, my mind is very empty And just down from the train she was also some spiritual lax. We have not shot together for a long time, and this is probably the first time this year, more seriously took a picture.

April 18, 2017, “I shoot girl” bus, shooting: small coffin

The next day we sleep at noon, to find our friend Kang Liang play. He bought a bus for his company, the appearance of the brush into a pink, the inside is the magic of silver. The weather was hot, we finished the film, paralyzed on the sofa, drink an afternoon of ice milk tea.

April 1917, I live in the house, self-timer

This day the coffin out of the film, I still house at home. Sitting at the window and listening to Beethoven. I particularly like the afternoon, it is like a midnight, like a never ending the world. I took a picture of my own feet, watching the photo laughed, like the completion of a mischief, which is naked so, certainly someone will ask Then maybe we can all rethink what is nude.

April 20, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

Coffin in my home patting film, I simply get up, play in the living room, play with my cat

She had just turned down from the bottom of a small branch of wild flowers back, I put it in the shirt buttons, use it tease cat.

April 20, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

That day we were playing at home mahjong at midnight.

Doll called Jenny, from a very distant year, and broke once, and repaired again.

Bookshelves and chairs are when I was in a house when the home, then the master do their good, moved to my house, a door and asked me, “You live alone,” I said, “there are only cats.”

April 21, 2017, Lu Jia Tan village road side, shooting: small coffin

That night set up a hand, half-way to accompany friends to take things home. She lives in a very partial village, starts the car like a punk, and makes us all dizzy. She parked her car at the door and took her in the room. We found that the red light to look good, ah, with a cell phone took a picture.

April 22, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

Just playing the card, I am ready to sleep.

April 23, 2017, I live in the house, shoot: small coffin

She lived in my house for seven days, and we played the mahjong almost every day.

And only when playing cards, my mind was a little bit to live a little bit.

I like this game too much, and I like to let my brain burn up.



Stitched Panorama

Tick tock, tick tock. Day in. Day out. It goes on.


First, at the beginning, it was by itself, wild and free.


Then man came, and gave birth to a new kind of creation.


Still it wraps itself around man, but at what cost ?


In this mix media exhibition and action art demonstration Beyond the Bund & The Dirty Panda Society present you with ‘Welcome to Today’. An exhibition that depicts elements aimed to ignite awareness of natural resources, consumer trends & societal array.

Beyond the Bund 和 Dirty Panda Society将联合举办“欢迎来到今时今日”主题活动,通过混合媒体展览以及行为艺术表演向大家呈现自然发展与人类变化。希望提高人们对自然资源,消费趋势以及社会发展的意识。

 This event is in no way single faceted, with performing arts, a/v installations, debates and workshops gracing its 3 days. Each day will cover a key specific theme relevant to contemporary ideology: (day 1) societal engagement,

(day 2) discovering cultural identities (day 3) environment cues and concerns .


throughout the day you can expect to view site specific art installations, be part of open bowl discussions with local intellectuals as well as interact in different action art performances; demonstrations that encapsulate the ideas and statements presented each day.


In addition we will be hosting up-cycling and compost workshops. Attendees will be encouraged to bring along a bag of DRY WASTE and curate their own own installations from it.


 This event is designed to survive not on simply listening and watching but interacting and doing, participation is the underling veins of the concept. At first it drives the consciousness to be frighten by the alluring changes and challenges in our present day world, However the move to enlightenment is a process that needs to be shared. we hope you take the time to join us!


WELCOME TO TODAY – daily schedule


April 14th,  Friday: Societal Engagement *


(1) Welcome Reception: concept introduction begins at 5pm.

Action Art Series begins at 7pm

(2) Film Screening:

“let them talk” by Trillion Rexford

April 15th, Saturday: Discovering Cultural Identities*


(1) Dialogue: sessions begin at 12pm


Eve Samyuktha Thyagarajan (Trending Veganism)  12pm

Jonas Merian (Up cycling Today!) 4pm

Fred Farrow (Stories of discovery) 5pm

(2) Performance: begin at 6pm

“I wish I were here” by Fred Farrow

“ untitled” by Vita

“The invisible man” by Zac

“Co-creation” by Baiba Rozenfelde and Pauan Soares

(3) Film Screenings:

“Dreams” by Akira Kurosawa 1pm

“Samsara” by Ron Fricke 3pm

 April 16th, Sunday: Environmental Cues and Concerns*


(1) Dialogue: sessions begin at 12pm


Alizee Ccm (Zero Waste Shanghai) 12pm

Nitin Dani & Anne Ursinus (Green Initiatives) 4pm

Estel Vilar (Illuminators) 5pm

(2) Performance:

“Terre Mater” collaboration by Estel Vilar & Daniel Rojas 20mins

(3) Film screening:

“Before the flood” by Fisher Stevens 1:30pm

The event will be held at Maison 115, on Jiangxi Lu, (on the cross between Jiangxi Lu & Sijing Lu – East Nanjing Lu station). It starts on Friday the 14th of April at 11:30am to 9pm. The Event will go on for 3 days and end on Sunday the 16th of April 9pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

活动地点:Maison115, (江西路与泗泾路交叉口,南京东路地铁站)



TIME & Date: 11:30AM-9pm Friday 14th – Sunday 15th


LOCATION: Maison 115 (Jiangxi Lu and Sijing Lu), near the Westin on the Bund.

活动地点:Maison 115(江西路115号,江西路与泗泾路交叉口,近外滩威斯汀酒店。)

TICKET (Including 2 complimentary Beverages)


Event Organizers

Beyond the Bund is an experience led productions collective,

with the sole purpose of empowering people in shaping the future. We curate thought provoking events by presenting high caliber speakers, electricperformances and stimulating interactions, striving  to root a fertile landscape of positive initiatives in



Dirty Panda Society* is an international creative collective, made up of individuals from various creative industries from around the world. Founded in 2014 by Adrian Tyus and Andong Zheng while attending university. Originally the pair wanted to establish a platform foundational in community building for non traditional artist (especially those living abroad), providing spaces for artist visits, talks and group exhibitions.  Over the next two years the team would expand networks to London, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Berlin, Austin and Portland, initiating a variety of exhibition campaigns within a multi-disciplinary concentration. They’ve chosen to tackle societal constructs in a creative way from advocating new design approaches for rural regions whilst encouraging sustainable values and energy literacy. By doing this, Dirty Panda Society or DPS  hope to bring about awareness to relevant themes that shape each of our conceivable realities.

The Dirty Panda Society 是一个富有创造力的国际组织,汇集了世界各地各个创新行业的佼佼者。2014年由正在读大学的Adrian Tyus 和 Andong Zheng创立。创立初始,这对志同道合的朋友希望为一些非传统意义上的艺术家(特别是旅居海外的艺术家们)创建一个平台,为艺术家们的相互来访,交流以及展览提供场地。两年后,他们希望将自己的平台扩展到世界各地,包括伦敦,纽约,曼谷,香港,柏林,奥斯丁以及波特兰等。举办多种多样以多学科为基础的展览活动。他们希望运用富有创意的方法解决一些社会建设问题,譬如:将新型设计推广到农村建设,创造农村可持续发展价值。DPS希望将这种意识传播到相关领域,塑造可行性未来。

Fortune: Trump’s Admin. Threaten Programs Designed to Provide Housing Aid.

When Paul Ryan, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, talks of social mobility, about helping struggling Americans move out of impoverished areas to give them greater opportunity, Shiva Daniels is the kind of person he has in mind.

A federal housing voucher allowed Daniels to escape her crime-plagued neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, and move her four children to the suburb of Garland.

That move helped Daniels find a good job, working for a property management company. Today, she cherishes the small, two-bedroom house she rents, with a yard where her children can safely play, away from drugs and gang violence in Dallas.

But if Daniels, 31, were to lose the $1,082 monthly stipend she receives, she has no doubt what would happen. “I would have to move back,” she said. “I wouldn’t be able to afford it.”….. HERE’S WHY

Welcome to Today

natural course of nature against the destruction caused by modern life practices, relationships, famine and the increasing dynamic alternating man’s comprehension citing “the more we discover the more we realize we haven’t discovered enough”.
Over three days sustain-ist, archivist and video artist Adrian Tyus will introduce his interpretation of the world today through a series of works that reveal constraints/concern of natural resources, consumer treads, and societal array.

My Depression Ren Hang is dead at 30

000020_157_670.jpgThe renowned photographer and poet Ren Hang produced his final act by committing suicide due to depression jump.

Ren was born in 1987 in northeast China’s Changchun City, Jilin Province, working in Beijing.

Ren Hang is a photographer and poet, the photographic style of passion, direct rough no modification, erotic surging, naked perspective of China’s underground youth culture. He regards the human body as a pure aesthetic tool, without moral or social criticism, he represents a new generation of Chinese culture awakening. His works have been exhibited at major museums around the world, such as in Russia, Italy, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Austria and other places on display.

Click here to read more..

Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

Pendulum Project Overview

The project theme is based on the main character in this performance,” Pendulum”. It not only functions as part of the metronome, but also refers to the performer who constantly moves from one position to another. At the same time, it conveys the condition of the parallel space between the performer and audiences.

The metronome will be installed on each side of the column. The pendulum will swing back and forth mimicking the sound of the clock. It will break the boundaries between time and space and remind people to be aware of the historical space around them. While the performer is moving around the space and composing the sound pieces, audiences are expected to experience the nature of time as well as the changing pattern of life.

Besides this, the work also presents live visuals including footage of the past. With the glitch effects that demonstrates the minimalistic image of the modern time, it contrasts to highlight the collision between modern and historical period of time.

Hence, this performance is combining sound and visual that allows audience to see, hear or even touch time passing. Distinct from the five senses, people can be able to detect and notice time through perception of a new experience. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE