“The Sun Shines Blue” according to DANNY ROSE

Galleri Urbane is pleased to announce The Sun Shines Blue, artist Danny Rose’s first solo exhibition with

the gallery, opening Saturday, June 25 (runs through August

The series serves as reflections of both the external and internal, of places here and there. An avid traveler

and explorer of nature, Rose spent much of his time studying natural landscapes and rock formations in

order to create this series of works, which is rooted in observation, awareness of time, and appreciation of the surrounding world. Rose’s paintings not only express the diverse landscapes he has observed, they also express the various emotional landscapes of his own mind. Present in the title, and making an appearance in every painting, the color blue holds a special significance to Rose. Blue allows him to slow down, its very essence seems to be the passing of time. Rose philosophizes how “we are all so connected to this color, from the sky to the ocean.” Blue surrounds us, calms us, and induces contemplation. Indeed, one feels a sense of calm viewing Rose’s work. Viewing Rose’s paintings is a journey. Like his recent year­long stay in Indonesia, one is exposed to a range of deep emotions. With the varying shades of blue and other hues, there is both wonder and despair akin to Rose’s experience being “adrift on the open sea out on the Indian Ocean,” in the middle of a storm, followed by the relief of reaching land once again. Rose expresses purely inner reflections as well. In his own words, “…like being adrift, in your own mind…On some trips I don’t even encounter rock or mound formations. Instead, I use these experiences to pull the shapes into being. Pulling from my memories of places and all I have encountered. Almost like imagined landscapes.” The Sun Shines Blue will have a public opening reception from 6 to 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 25. The show will run through July 30th.

Artist Danny Rose is a Dallas, Texas­based artist. He received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas. Between 2014 and 2015, Rose spent a year in Indonesia, teaching art and design at the Chandra Kusuma International School. Rose has been featured the Dallas Observer, Hypoallergic, and Austere Magazine. Rose has shown previously at galleries such as Kettle Art, and previously with Galleri Urbane for the juried show Here and Now.

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Dirty Panda does Basement 6 tonight!

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[Our very own Adrian Tyus also known as Trillion Rex will be exhibiting some of his latest work tonight at ‪‎#basement6‬ near Pinyu lu. “I am really excited to be a guest artist there” says Tyus. “This type of collaborating is much needed in today’s creative hungry society in my opinion. It’s like you either get with it or get on .. (fanning his hand.) I’ll be sure to keep it clean, sweet and short blah blah bleeggh!” (he gestures as if he were hanging himself).. “looking forward to raw honest un-bias FEEDBACK! if you got the time (harmonizing) come around come around with me!!”

‪#DPICCpartnerswith‬ #Basementsix


visit B6’s website for upcoming events http://www.basement6collective.com/ ]

This Happening is Happening! first stop Austin, TX

HeebieJeebieFinalRevised1Page2FinalRevised2Introducing “HEEBIEJEEBIES” in assoc. with The Dirty Panda International Creative Collective.

This live art performance exhibition kicks off in Austin, Texas this Friday August 14th from 12-5pm in the historic eastside neighborhood. The African American Cultural Heritage Facility (912 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702) is sponsoring the space and the performances will take place at the Dedrick Hamilton HOME

Each piece will depict social cruxes OLD and NEW…highlighting
‪#Stereotypes #Policebrutality #Gentrification‬ #Urbandecay #Racialscrutiny

Adrian Tyus, a local conceptual artist, filmmaker & the brains behind the exhibition has scheduled performances in TEXAS, ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, THE UNITED KINGDOM and THOUGHOUT PARTS OF ASIA.

I rather not promote this as a obligatory event” Tyus states. “IT’S ENTIRELY CONTORVERSIAL and could rub some folk the wrong way! Instead each piece is intended for a special audience, it will be up to them to interpret what they see. By eliminating cross communication and nixing dialogue altogether it makes everything more interesting, we’ll see how thing’s go tomorrow” He laughs. “those who attend will see us attempt to invoke a critical response, one that will hopefully lead to creating a more socially conscious future.

The Cost is free at all locations, donations appreciated* #Bythecommunityforthecommunity #DPICC

Visit The Dirty Panda Facebook Page HERE

Where’s Wancho? featured on NPR

Hoang-Chau Nguyen puts his thumb out to catch a ride from Midland, Texas, to Dallas. He posted this photo on Facebook with the caption: "Hitchhiking is all about viewing your immediate problems in pragmatic and strategic terms. There aren't any other issues, only your actual resources and your awareness of all your possible choices of action."

Hoang-Chau Nguyen puts his thumb out to catch a ride from Midland, Texas, to Dallas.

Hoang-Chau Nguyen aka Woncho hitchhikes all across America and uses social media to document his adventures… using his thumb catch a rides from Dallas all the way to Madison, WI and Alaska. He posted this photo on Facebook recently with the caption: “Hitchhiking is all about viewing your immediate problems in pragmatic and strategic terms. There aren’t any other issues, only your actual resources and your awareness of all your possible choices of action.”


Check out this week’s NPR it features Wancho and other Hitchhikers from across the country who share similar experiences: http://www.npr.org/2015/08/09/430079847/thumbs-up-then-and-now-hitchhiking-stories-from-the-road

Visit Wancho on the web:  WEBSITE