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Why are Blacks Moving to ASIA at astronomical numbers???

The goal of our Black in Asia documentary is to provide insight into the question: Why are black people moving to Asia? What is it about that region that attracts them? We went out and sought out the answers. This is a Melanated Files (MFiles) documentary.

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Location: Yunnan, China
Tuesday October 23, 2018
Scheduled time: after sunset, once dinner is finished.

Performance: “The Hunters moon”
Naneem has returned home to his wife Yoyania and children after having a successful hunting experience, he is overjoyed by his blessings…

Performers: Adrian (Naneem)
Qingwa (Yoyania)

Asiyo bellema: harvest will come
Boh-lo: well done
Chu n-zuri: very good
Da-da: what
Habari yaku: how are you? (Are you with god?)
Jaku: surrounding; to surround
Jepa: a predator (a man eating beast)
Mamboni: to eat
Ni Ni: to ask
Nzuri: good
Pa: prey (a small antelope like deer)
Taman-ya: to close your eyes
Tout’tout: to dream
Uma: soon (approaching)
Wonikia: adult woman; married
Woniki: adult man; married
Yakia: daughter; not married
Yaki: son; not married
Yaku: Father (godly)
Yak mamboni: we eat (a group)
Yama: to cook
Yoni: to need or want
Zute: to sit