Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

Pendulum Project Overview

The project theme is based on the main character in this performance,” Pendulum”. It not only functions as part of the metronome, but also refers to the performer who constantly moves from one position to another. At the same time, it conveys the condition of the parallel space between the performer and audiences.

The metronome will be installed on each side of the column. The pendulum will swing back and forth mimicking the sound of the clock. It will break the boundaries between time and space and remind people to be aware of the historical space around them. While the performer is moving around the space and composing the sound pieces, audiences are expected to experience the nature of time as well as the changing pattern of life.

Besides this, the work also presents live visuals including footage of the past. With the glitch effects that demonstrates the minimalistic image of the modern time, it contrasts to highlight the collision between modern and historical period of time.

Hence, this performance is combining sound and visual that allows audience to see, hear or even touch time passing. Distinct from the five senses, people can be able to detect and notice time through perception of a new experience. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE



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